Route : Dehi-Aurangabad-Delhi

Ajanta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The spectacular rock cut Buddhist caves in Ajanta contain carvings that depict the life of Buddha. The carvings & sculptures of these caves are considered to be the beginning of classical Indian art.  
Ellora is a further UNESCO World Heritage Site which depicts the confluence of the three great religions of India – Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism.  
Lonar Crater & Lake is the oldest meteorite crater in the world & also the only salt water lake in basaltic rock. The magnificent lake inside the crater is dotted with several ancient temples on its periphery which are fine examples of early Hindu architecture.
Daulatabad Fort is a hill-fortress which stands on a conical, 200m high hill. Much of the lower slopes of the hill were cut away by Yadava dynasty rulers to leave 50m vertical sides to improve defences.  It was originally called the Deogiri fort , later In 1327 Mohammed-bin-Tuglak ordered his capital to be moved  from Delhi to Deogiri, and renamed it as Daulatabad. This infamous transplantation earned him the sobriquet – Mad Tughlak.

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Brief Itinerary

Day 1 – Delhi-Aurangabad

  • Transfer to Aurangabad by Air
  • Afternoon - Transfer to Daulatabad ( 30 km / 1 hrs)
  • Daulatabad Sightseeing
  • Overnight at Aurangabad

Day 2 – Aurangabad-Ajanta-Aurangabad

  • Transfer to Ajanta ( 80 km / 2 hrs)
    • Explore Ajanta
  • Overnight at Aurangabad

Day 3 – Ellora excursion and return

  • Transfer to Ellora ( 40 km / 1 hrs)
  • Explore Ellora
  • Transfer to Aurangabad
  • Transfer to Delhi by Air
Route Map